Beauty | Lush’s Dragon’s Egg bath bomb

dragons egg

(I am currently writing this post, post bath with my dressing gown and hot chocolate and I am getting little whiffs of this gorgeous scented bath bomb)
This is one of my top favourite Lush products (despite there being so many to even choose from). This magical bath time treat smells so fruity, zesty and delicious you literally want to take a great big bite out of it. You would typically expect ‘Dragon’ Egg’ to be a glittery ball that sets fireworks off when you drop it in, however the design of it is quite simple. It is creamy white with different coloured spots around it (which float in your bath until they get dissolved by the water).

dragons egg bath
Of course my favourite part of bath time is dropping the bomb in as I love to discover what secrets Lush has hidden in their products. This particular bath bomb is so extremely pretty and looks like a glittery desert. As the bomb circles and flips around the bath, it slowly released an orange tinge, until cracking open and spews out like lava (hence the name). The white bubbles which are produced on top are very creamy and do a fantastic job of moisturising the skin as well as making you smell good enough to eat. If you look closely or shine a light on the water, you will be able to see the product produces golden glitter which sits on the surface. I am not a huge fan of a glittery bath, (which is why I have never purchased Lush’s Space Girl, however I would give it a go if I’m feeling outrageous). Dragon’s egg however is a suttle shimmer which doesn’t stick all over your body as you exit the tub. Also, it is filled with popping candy, I didn’t listen close enough to hear though, (my excuse to go back an get another one).

For only £3.35 this is such a cheap way to give yourself a little pampering session which is also fun and not restricted with just the obvious plain white bubbles.

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Beauty |Going Ombré


So it’s only been recently that I’ve had my hair cut from waist length to a bob, so I thought I’d just go for another impulse change and go ombré. I have never died my hair before and despite people encouraging me not to, I did it anyway and I absolutely love it!
My best friend, Chloe, who I’ve known for years, is a trainee hairdresser for Anna Roche Hairdressing which is a local hairdresser who do an amazing job. (They are based on the Wirral, Merseyside).
I’ve always had dark brown hair which made it easy to go for the type of ombré I wanted.

photo 2

She firstly backcombed my hair at the roots and applied the blue bleach (6%) underneath the backcombed areas of my hair, this was to ensure the colour flowed through my hair naturally instead of having an obvious contrast between my real and dyed hair which I think is extremely clever. That was left on my hair for about an hour and a half (the time depends on the colour of you hair, and the amount of dye that has been put on it). The blue colour contrasts the yellow dye which gives the ombré effect.

photo 3

After washing off the bleach, Chloe then teased the hair again where the ombré started to add the toner, this also gives the more natural bleeding of colour of ombré which meant it would be lighter at the bottom and gradually got darker towards the top. This was left on for another half an hour and washed off, this took away the ginger/yellow tinge my hair possessed after the bleach, making it more of a coppery blonde.

This was then washed off with silver shampoo and a conditioning mask so make my hair silky soft, then blow dried straight.

I am in love with my new hair and would greatly recommend to anyone who has never touched dye before but wants to, to go ombré, you are therefore not damaging you hair and you can grow it out easily if you don’t like it.

Hope you like it! x

October Favourites

It’s the end of October (which means it’s even closer to Christmas eek!). So that means I have collected all of my favourite things together which I have been particularly enjoying this month.

Beauty |

rimmel match perfection foundation

Rimmel’s Match Perfection foundation
I started using this foundation this month after years of using Rimmel’s Wake Me Up foundation, being more of a summer foundation with microscopic nuggets of glitter swilling through, I wanted more of a subtle look for the winter. My skin shade is ‘porcelain’ and it really does go with the brand name match perfection. As my skin has a redness to it, this is a good foundation to cover that to a satisfying amount which avoids looking cakey and unnatural. I have an oily skin complexion and to be honest, it doesn’t make it any better, however I never forget to apply my Rimmel’s Stay Matte pressed powder (my life saver) to cancel out the annoying shininess my face possesses. The packaging is simple and classy, however the lid does have a tendency to become loose and fling off when it desires.
I apply this with Real Techniques’ experts face brush from the back of my hand, working from the middle of the face, outwards.

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sleek contour

Sleek’s Contour Kit
I am so in love with this bargain of a product! This bronzer and highlighter duo really makes my face look more defined on my nights out. I accidently picked up the ‘medium’ shade despite my one being extremely pale, however with enough blending with the correct brushes I can really make it work. They come in shades ‘Light’, ‘Medium’ and ‘Dark’. If you are not a fan of a highlighter with a bit of shimmer, this isn’t for you (however I don’t use it if I am not going to a really important event therefore you could still purchase this and still be satisfied).
I apply the bronzer to places where the sun would usually hit and the contours of the face, under the cheek bones (make a fish face and you will get a more defined outline) the jawline, the top of the forehead and to make the nose look slimmer, the two bones which follow the brows with my Real Technique’s contour brush, and blend with Real Technique’s buffing brush and it gives the best results. I apply the highlighter lightly with your average foundation brush across the top of the apples of the cheeks. The packaging, I believe, is so beautiful with a large mirror inside also.

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starry eyed lipstick

Rimmel’s Lasting Finish Lipstick in ‘Starry eyed’
Another Rimmel product? Indeed. Their lipstick range is truly one of my favourites ever! As it is Autumn/Winter, the dark, vampy lipsticks are all the rage, this wine coloured gem caught my eye an I just had to snatch it from the shelf.
Before I apply, I use Rimmel’s 1000 kisses lip liner in the colour ‘wine’ which gives me a more intense darkness and also prevents bleeding of the product.

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barry m

Barry M’s MATTE Nail Polish in ‘Caramel’
I am not a huge Barry M fan I have to say, however when I came across the MATTE range, it really caught my eye. I love how different and unique matte nail polish is anyway, but when I seen this beautiful nude colour I just had to get it. I would love to get the other eleven colours in the range. This colour, which is very fitting to the season, would look lovely even with top coat over it if you don’t wish to have mattified nails

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star wand

Lush’s ‘Magic Wand’ Bubble Bar
This, to me, means winter, as this only came in season recently, along with the other ‘snow fairy’ like scents. This literally smells like sweets and I have to literally stop myself from having a cheeky nibble when it’s bath time.
All you do is hold this under the tap while the hot water is running into your bath, then swish it around the tub until you are satisfied. There aren’t a huge amount of bubbles produced with this, nor does your bath go crazy like the other bath products you can purchase from Lush, it just goes a slight tint of pink and makes you smell like you have just came out of Willy Wonka’s factory! The bell that jingles is also a cute, Christmassy little touch too. This is also fabulous for the Christmas stocking also.

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Non-beauty |

Wenworth S2 Generics

TV Show | Wentworth Prison
Season 2 of this fantastic Australian prison Drama has started this month and I couldn’t be more excited or obsessed with it.
It is based on a fictional women’s prison with an array of characters of both the officers and the prisoners. Incredibly, you are always rooting for the inmates in fights, escapes and their overall life despite them being criminals. The cast are absolutely fantastic and look perfect for the character they are made to play. I am the only person in my group of friends who watches this and I encourage everyone to go and watch it now!


Tassimo’s Coffee Maker

I am a coffee fiend, I can easily have six cups of coffee a day and this machine makes is 100x easier. All you have to do is put a coffee pod inside the latch above where the cup goes and press the right hand button, simple! The pods come separately and you can get them from your local supermarket (they are pricy but totally worth it). My favourite being Kenco’s ‘café crema’.

Buy it here

So that’s it! I hope you have enjoyed looking at what I have been loving this month and go out and buy everything (okay maybe that is asking a bit too much of you). Make sure you keep a look out for next month favourites. Happy Halloween!

L.K. Beauty x

Lifestyle | Anxiety & Panic attacks

If you, like me, suffer from anxiety and panic attacks, please know that you are not alone, seriously.

Anxiety disorders are the most common mental illness in the US, affecting 40 million adults in the United States age 18 and older (18% of U.S. population).

If you don’t suffer from even a little anxiety every now and again, whether it is doing a presentation in class, or going to a family event, then you are probably the luckiest person alive! But if you do, that’s just you being human.

My story:
I started extremely suffering from this pain in the arse called anxiety when I was about fourteen years old, when answering a question in class became a sudden dread and weight on my shoulders from the minute my alarm went off for school. I started noticing the signs when I would not want to speak too loud or be noticed if the room had more than three people in it, if made centre of attention in class or even sitting with my peers I would go a bright red colour, clammy, then start to breathe funny, later on this would turn into a panic attack.
I finally begun to understand what was (in my head) ”wrong with me” when I turned sixteen and started college, I had previously shrugged off the word ‘anxiety’ until people around me noticed I wasn’t acting like other people my age. A YouTuber (who you have probably heard of) ‘Zoella’ made a video explaining her story and how she deals with what I and thousands of other people have to go through, this gave me the confidence to accept who I am and try to deal with this myself. However my anxiety shot through the roof so suddenly that I couldn’t even stand to be in the common room with the rest of my friends in worry I was going to get made centre of attention in a conversation or by a person who everyone would always be drawn to. Therefore I decided to spend my free time and lunch hours alone in the library. Isolating myself was not a good idea when I think back, as this made social situations even harder for me to deal with. Throughout this period of time I would have my panic attacks around once or twice a day. I would never attend assemblies that were held for my year group due to the sickening anxiety my name was going to be called out for an award or the fact that I was missing so many assemblies perhaps. This made my attendance and patience the member’s of staff for me go downhill, fast. I was a good student however, I always listened (mostly due to the worry of being asked a question and embarrassingly getting it wrong) and I got good grades in my final exams. Only the teachers who didn’t teach me seen my attendance records and thought ”bad student”.

I started taking action in the middle of my first college year when I mentioned my anxiety and panic attacks to my head of my year group, who was also a councillor to many students such as myself, she was fabulous. I attended support sessions every Tuesday to try and tackle this brain swelling thing that well and truly takes over my life. She informed my teachers who then took a lighter approach to their methods (such as not making the students do class presentations) and gave me breathing techniques (breath in five, breathe out five). A great one was to press your thumb in your palm while covering this with your hands, think of your ”happy place” every time you do this, eventually doing the ‘thumb action’ will automatically make you think of this ”happy place” and calm you down!  (Great for interviews)
I believe one of the main factors that has settled my anxiety the most is getting a part time job (simple as that!) I work in a local boutique hotel where I meet new people every single day and as terrifying as it was the first couple of shifts I did, it started to become easy and now I absolutely love it!
Many people are shocked when I explain that my anxiety is at it’s lowest when I am around strangers (which is the opposite of a lot of other anxiety suffers) But let me explain, if I am around people who know me well and understand that I can have a panic attack at any given time, they seem to expect it, like waiting for a bomb to explode. This, makes me more anxious as I know they are thinking about me and looking at me for all the signs I mentioned previously. However strangers have no idea that I’m a little different, therefore I can ‘fake it’ almost, crack a joke or answer a question for example and nobody is expecting me to flip out in a mess on the floor.
I decided to get away from my school of six years and study beauty therapy, which involves meeting clients every week, both young and old and making their day when they go home after a day of being pampered and the smiles on their faces, I couldn’t be happier! It also helps I am doing something I am extremely passionate about (Probably would have sunk into hell if I where to do maths or science)

I still suffer daily with anxiety, but I know I have changed the pathway of my life for the better, taking myself out of my comfort zone, to be in an even comfier one in the end.
That’s probably my biggest advice, throw yourself in the deep end, it may look like a deep end which goes on forever and you just can’t make the cut, but if it’s something you love to do like sports, baking, working with children then go ahead and do it!

 You only live one life, so make it a life where you can look back when you are old and grey, and not regret a single step you made.

I would never wish what feels like such a curse on my worst enemy, so remember, if you make a comment on anyone who you think is ”weirdly” shy, or being ”arrogant” because they aren’t as flamboyant as you, or can’t keep eye contact for a very long time. Remember, that they are fighting an on going battle. We tell ourselves to act a certain way however our bodies can’t seem to do the same, so try to understand.

If you or somebody you know is suffering with anxiety and panic attacks, please go and see a councillor, this isn’t the 1900’s where they’d put you in straight jackets or something. They are regular people like you and me who deal with situations like this every day, they know what they’re talking about, trust me.
Don’t be afraid to speak out, because the only person getting in your way, is you. x

Beauty | Garnier’s miceller water


Okay, it’s an oldie, but still a goodie! I’m sure many of you have seen review after review of this product but I suspect they have all rated this 10/10.
Those of you who use wipes, (even the high end ”good” ones) stop! They contain alcohols which dries and damages the skin and not forgetting you are causing sensitization to the skin by working one harshly around the face. This cleanser however lifts impurities, dirt and make-up off the face within seconds, and is soft and gentle, the way your skin should be treated. As this is a Micellar Water, there is no need for rinsing or packing on lots of it.

For the best results, place on a cotton pad and work around the face and neck. Next use two more cotton pads for each eye, place it on the eye and press down ever so lightly for 10-20 seconds so the cleanser can break down the make up, then use a sweeping motion downwards to remove. Do this until you see no sign of make-up on your face.

I recommend that people with oily/normal/combination skin use this particular cleanser as the watery substance will replace the sebum (natural oil your skin produces) and hydrate your skin morning and night. The reason for not including the dry skin complexion as a recommendation for this is that as dry skin is flaky and rough to the touch, a cream based cleanser such as Dermalogica’s Essential Cleanser (which I may include in another blog post so keep a look out!) will be more nourishing and give an overall healthier look to the skin.

I love this product also because it is huge! (400ml) which lasts me what feels like a lifetime, especially for those who do not wear make-up. Many people compare this to the higher end product ‘Bioderma’ and they are exactly right, this is just a dupe which works just as fantastically and for a fraction of the price at £4.99! Bargin.
I’m also crazy about the packaging as I am a sucker for something pretty as well as a greatly formulated product and looks great on my dressing table.

I would really encourage you to buy this as it is so cheap, effective and everyone needs a good cleanser in their life right? x

Click here to buy

Beauty | Dermalogica’s daily microfoliant


I have been itching to write up about this amazing product. Dermalogica is one of my favourite skin care brands, I work with these products every week (however this is not a sponsored blog post) and it does wonders to mine and my clients skin.
This exfoliant is extremely different to others on the market, this powder is made from rice enzymes which makes it organic and soft on the skin. I suffer from acute redness which makes my skin quite sensitive to harsh chemicals and textures, my skin type is also oily, which makes looking for an exfoliant for my skin very difficult, until I was introduced to this, now I wouldn’t use anything different!

You use this product my putting a small amount (about the size of a fifty pence piece) in the palm of your hand, lather with water (as all dermalogica products are water soluble) and place on clean skin. Work your way around the face and keep topping up with water until grains feel like they have more or less dissolved. Sponge or rinse off with water and your skin will feel and look smooth and bright.

Another fabulous reason why this one of the best products out there, is that it is a daily microfoliant, which of course, means it can be used every day (morning and night) if you wish. Many brands recommend you exfoliate the maximum of three times a week (depending on your skin complexion) however being that this is a rice based powder, makes it more softer and less harsh on your skin therefore you can have beautiful looking skin 24/7.

I can’t stress enough how much you need this in your daily routine, you will not regret a thing! x

Click here to buy

Hey guys!

Just a quick little post to introduce myself to the blogging community.

I’m, (L.K. being my initials Lauren Kate). And my blog is dedicated to Beauty, Fashion and Lifestyle.
I am a British beauty therapist and I work mostly with Dermalogica products and I love to share my passion and knowledge with the world.
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