Beauty | Night time Routine

Hey everyone! I am so obsessed with seeing bloggers/vloggers different routines they do either at night or in the morning. Well today I am going to share my night time routine with you all. Enjoy! So before I start all the skin care/pampering side of the night, I first decide to wind down with a […]

Beauty | Garnier’s miceller water

Okay, it’s an oldie, but still a goodie! I’m sure many of you have seen review after review of this product but I suspect they have all rated this 10/10. Those of you who use wipes, (even the high end ”good” ones) stop! They contain alcohols¬†which dries and damages the skin and not forgetting you […]

Beauty | Dermalogica’s daily microfoliant

I have been itching to write up about this amazing product. Dermalogica is one of my favourite skin care brands, I work with these products every week¬†(however this is not a sponsored blog post) and it does wonders to mine and my clients skin. This exfoliant is extremely different to others on the market, this […]