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Hey guys! 4 sleeps until Christmas? Time flies too fast. I thought it would be super fun to tell you all my festive routine, Christmas Eve, Boxing Day and Christmas Day. I don’t know about you, but I find hearing other people’s stories and traditions is so interesting so I am going to tell you about my three day festive adventures. Enjoy!

Christmas Eve
It is always the family tradition that we host the Christmas Eve party. this is our opportunity to give presents to family who we won’t be seeing Christmas day like cousins, aunties, uncles etc. We also get a lot of family friends coming round to join in the festivities with us. It is so much fun getting excited about Christmas with the whole family, especially when there are little children who are also hyped up with the house being full of loud conversation. Food and drink is shared, my Dad puts on the best spread. We don’t leave it too late as people want to get to bed early ready for the next day. I get into my Christmas Eve pyjamas and we watch Christmas movies and drink hot chocolate until it’s time to go to bed.

Christmas Day:
Everybody’s favourite day (of course). I start the day by waking up (stupidly early), waking my older brother up then we open our stockings on my parents bed, it’s probably our cutest tradition. We then head downstairs to a very confused doggy and head to the living room, our  presents are put into piles and we all sit by where our own  is. A lot of family’s open their presents at the same time, however it has always been our tradition to take it in turns and watch each other open our gifts. After that’s over we have our Christmas breakfast, my favourite, eggs benedict, yum!
After that I get dressed and ready for the day, I usually change into clothes I got for Christmas, something very comfortable as I know I will be eating far too much later.
My Nan, Granddad, Sister, Niece and my Dad’s friend come over for the huge Christmas dinner. After hours of eating, cracker pulling and singing Christmas carols, the visitors leave and then the worst part about Christmas day, washing up, boooo!
I then put away all of my presents and slob out regretting eating so much.

Boxing Day
To some, boxing day isn’t much of a special day, however for my family, it is called ”party day”. Everybody goes to my Auntie’s house in the afternoon where there is a buffet and music and we all sit around chatting about the previous day and saying thank you for gifts/cards. It is tradition that we all play charades in the living room, and if one person gets too drunk it is the funniest thing watching them play. The party normally goes on quite late and there are a lot of drunks by the end. But it is such fun.

So that’s it! sorry if this wasn’t your kind of blog post, but hopefully some of you share the same fascination with me finding out what people do during their festive weekend. Do you share some of my family’s traditions? If so leave your comments down below.

Thanks for reading guys! x


7 thoughts on “Lifestyle | My Christmas Weekend Routine

  1. I love reading other peoples traditions! One of mine is also waking up at stupid oclock junping on my mums bed and opening a stocking full of little pressies. Have a great christmas! X

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