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Another Dermalogica post Lauren? Indeed it is. (This post is not sponsored, I am just crazy about Dermalogica products!).
Cleansing my skin is probably one of my favourite times of the day, because I know how good and important they are in an every day skin routine. I use the Garnier’s Miceller Water on a daily basis, but when I am doing my beauty training, we specialise with Dermalogica products.
I am going to be writing about the cleansers I use in the salon and why you should dash to the shops and purchase one now!


This is not an essential product to be in your skin routine so don’t panic if you skip this step. This is part of Dermalogica’s ‘double cleanse’ routine and this is used to really sink deep into the skin, removing everything by lifting off any impurities leaving it completely naked for the second cleansing solution to be applied. This product contains nuts so not good for any nut allergies I’m afraid, it is very greasy to the touch and will scare off anyone with oily skin (this is coming from personal experience) however when removed with sponges and water, the other cleanser which you then apply will truly clean your skin to perfection. After using for a while this will start to prevent any breakouts as when locked in with a moisturiser, will not allow any leftover make up to irritate the under layers of the skin and leave it super cleansed and lovely.

Buy it here


Essential Cleansing Lotion
This is absolutely perfect for dry skin, as this is a creamy consistency and keeps the moisture levels of the skin balanced. Those who suffer from flaky skin will notice the silk like skin they will posses after using this product (especially after exfoliating with Dermalogica’s Daily Microfoliant).

Buy it here 


UltraCalming Cleanser
I use this as I have sensitive skin. As in the name, this calms sensitive skin with it’s gel/creamy formula so is perfect for those of you who want to convert from naughty facial wipes to a cleansing solution, this will soften the damaged surface of the skin without using harsh chemicals.

Buy it here


Special Cleansing Gel
To use for all skin types (although those with sensitive skin are best using the UltraCalming as this foams when lathered and could irritate the surface). This balm mint and lavender infused gem is a simply all round great cleanser, does the job of washing away the make up and build up of the environment out of your skin and leaves you refreshed and purified.

Buy it here

Every Dermalogica product is water soluble, so for all the above cleansers, you apply to a dry face, rub in, then apply water to your hands and lather, repeat this until you are satisfied your face is squeaky clean, rinse off or use wet sponges when you are done. Lock in with a toner and moisturiser and you will have the best skin in town! x


2 thoughts on “Beauty | Dermalogica’s Cleansers

    • Thank you so much Devona! I totally agree with you on the precleanse. Dermalogica is also the same PH balance of your skin so none of that harsh stuff going on. Thanks for reading Xx


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