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”Friends are the Family we choose for Ourselves”

Unfortunately this blog post isn’t about the hilarious sit-com about a bunch of mates who live in NYC, this is about how important your friends are in your life.
I adore my friends, quite frankly I would go insane without them! Yes I have had my fare share of fallings out with people, which is completely normal as you should be allowed to remove any negativity which is presented to you.
You should be surrounding yourself with people who you feel 100% yourself around, people who make you laugh and who are there for you when you cry. I can wear no make up and slouch around with my friends and there is no doubt in my mind that they do not love me any less than when I do.
I can’t stress enough how important making friends is, and with everybody too, because when you are immediately nice to someone, they will be nice back, and if they’re not, don’t stop being nice, because while you are making yourself happy, they are just creating more problems for themselves.
Friends can be found in the most unobvious places, such as the local gym or pub, not just the classroom or work. I attend jam nights with my friends almost three times a week and the amount of people I have met doing so is ridiculously amazing. Many people believe you should only be friends with people who fit in with you such as your fashion, music taste or the course you have taken at school, but this is so untrue! Yes make friends with all of them people but also make friends with the people who are the complete opposite to you, you will be surprised with how interesting someone can be if you are nothing like them (and vice versa).

The best way to attract people is to just smile. It’s in our nature to enjoy the company of those who possess positivity so therefore if someone sees you smiling and making conversation, they will immediately want to be friends with you.
Learn their names, psychologists have discovered that you will be liked and appreciated more if you use someone’s name in a conversation as this shows interest and warming to the receiver.

”You want Quality apposed to Quantity”

You would rather surround yourself by two extrordinary people than 20 people who you are not fully happy being with.

 I am living in Australia next year with one of my best friends Cassie (Go check out her blog here) and we are so excited! To be able to put your trust and love into someone so much as to move to a different country with them for 365 days is absolutely bonkers, but so worth having people like that in your life. I also have another best friend Chloe who I have known since I was five years old and we still haven’t got sick of each other, and to this date, we have never had an emotional break up. That’s another slice of advise I give, stay in contact with people from childhood or on holiday (I met my Scottish girl called Niamh in Cyprus 2013 and we have talked to each other every day since and even go and visit each other’s countries). Being able to be friends with people with different backgrounds, beliefs, abilities is an amazing gift to have, some people are not so open minded. We live our every day lives with different people than us, but we all share one thing, the desire to make friends with amazing people who you can love like brothers/sisters, so go and make someone’s day by complimenting them, going for a meal or simply saying hello! x


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