Beauty | Lush’s Dragon’s Egg bath bomb

dragons egg

(I am currently writing this post, post bath with my dressing gown and hot chocolate and I am getting little whiffs of this gorgeous scented bath bomb)
This is one of my top favourite Lush products (despite there being so many to even choose from). This magical bath time treat smells so fruity, zesty and delicious you literally want to take a great big bite out of it. You would typically expect ‘Dragon’ Egg’ to be a glittery ball that sets fireworks off when you drop it in, however the design of it is quite simple. It is creamy white with different coloured spots around it (which float in your bath until they get dissolved by the water).

dragons egg bath
Of course my favourite part of bath time is dropping the bomb in as I love to discover what secrets Lush has hidden in their products. This particular bath bomb is so extremely pretty and looks like a glittery desert. As the bomb circles and flips around the bath, it slowly released an orange tinge, until cracking open and spews out like lava (hence the name). The white bubbles which are produced on top are very creamy and do a fantastic job of moisturising the skin as well as making you smell good enough to eat. If you look closely or shine a light on the water, you will be able to see the product produces golden glitter which sits on the surface. I am not a huge fan of a glittery bath, (which is why I have never purchased Lush’s Space Girl, however I would give it a go if I’m feeling outrageous). Dragon’s egg however is a suttle shimmer which doesn’t stick all over your body as you exit the tub. Also, it is filled with popping candy, I didn’t listen close enough to hear though, (my excuse to go back an get another one).

For only £3.35 this is such a cheap way to give yourself a little pampering session which is also fun and not restricted with just the obvious plain white bubbles.

Buy it here


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