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So it’s only been recently that I’ve had my hair cut from waist length to a bob, so I thought I’d just go for another impulse change and go ombré. I have never died my hair before and despite people encouraging me not to, I did it anyway and I absolutely love it!
My best friend, Chloe, who I’ve known for years, is a trainee hairdresser for Anna Roche Hairdressing which is a local hairdresser who do an amazing job. (They are based on the Wirral, Merseyside).
I’ve always had dark brown hair which made it easy to go for the type of ombré I wanted.

photo 2

She firstly backcombed my hair at the roots and applied the blue bleach (6%) underneath the backcombed areas of my hair, this was to ensure the colour flowed through my hair naturally instead of having an obvious contrast between my real and dyed hair which I think is extremely clever. That was left on my hair for about an hour and a half (the time depends on the colour of you hair, and the amount of dye that has been put on it). The blue colour contrasts the yellow dye which gives the ombré effect.

photo 3

After washing off the bleach, Chloe then teased the hair again where the ombré started to add the toner, this also gives the more natural bleeding of colour of ombré which meant it would be lighter at the bottom and gradually got darker towards the top. This was left on for another half an hour and washed off, this took away the ginger/yellow tinge my hair possessed after the bleach, making it more of a coppery blonde.

This was then washed off with silver shampoo and a conditioning mask so make my hair silky soft, then blow dried straight.

I am in love with my new hair and would greatly recommend to anyone who has never touched dye before but wants to, to go ombré, you are therefore not damaging you hair and you can grow it out easily if you don’t like it.

Hope you like it! x


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