Beauty | Garnier’s miceller water


Okay, it’s an oldie, but still a goodie! I’m sure many of you have seen review after review of this product but I suspect they have all rated this 10/10.
Those of you who use wipes, (even the high end ”good” ones) stop! They contain alcohols which dries and damages the skin and not forgetting you are causing sensitization to the skin by working one harshly around the face. This cleanser however lifts impurities, dirt and make-up off the face within seconds, and is soft and gentle, the way your skin should be treated. As this is a Micellar Water, there is no need for rinsing or packing on lots of it.

For the best results, place on a cotton pad and work around the face and neck. Next use two more cotton pads for each eye, place it on the eye and press down ever so lightly for 10-20 seconds so the cleanser can break down the make up, then use a sweeping motion downwards to remove. Do this until you see no sign of make-up on your face.

I recommend that people with oily/normal/combination skin use this particular cleanser as the watery substance will replace the sebum (natural oil your skin produces) and hydrate your skin morning and night. The reason for not including the dry skin complexion as a recommendation for this is that as dry skin is flaky and rough to the touch, a cream based cleanser such as Dermalogica’s Essential Cleanser (which I may include in another blog post so keep a look out!) will be more nourishing and give an overall healthier look to the skin.

I love this product also because it is huge! (400ml) which lasts me what feels like a lifetime, especially for those who do not wear make-up. Many people compare this to the higher end product ‘Bioderma’ and they are exactly right, this is just a dupe which works just as fantastically and for a fraction of the price at £4.99! Bargin.
I’m also crazy about the packaging as I am a sucker for something pretty as well as a greatly formulated product and looks great on my dressing table.

I would really encourage you to buy this as it is so cheap, effective and everyone needs a good cleanser in their life right? x

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